New activities for children at the Porsche Museum

New activities for children at the Porsche Museum

Get set for the summer holidays with Tom Targa and Tina Turbo, featuring 12 activity stages for children

Tom Targa and Tina Turbo will help children discover the Porsche Museum’s permanent exhibition via 12 interactive stages, where five- to 13-year-olds can take part in activities, search for quiz answers, solve puzzles, experiment, play and learn. They can then jot down the correct answers in their activity book.


Stuttgart. To celebrate the brand’s 75th anniversary in 2023, the Porsche Museum is not only inviting adults to take a trip through its history, but also offering two new tours for children, each with six activity stages, which are now part of the permanent exhibition. They can choose between two exciting stories told on the Porsche 4Kids explorer tours. Test driver Tom Targa is getting ready for a big race and wants to build a sports car for it. Meanwhile, development engineer Tina Turbo is looking for creative ideas to take to a competition. On both tours, there are search tasks to complete, puzzles to solve, experiments to try, and lots of fun to be had – all while learning. “Children are much more uninhibited than adults in the way they discover the world,” says Jenny Simchen, who is responsible for the Porsche 4Kids activities at the Porsche Museum. “We want to encourage them to get involved and introduce them to the world of Porsche with Tom Targa and Tina Turbo.” ​ ​


Activity stages for interaction, playing and learning

The explorer tour with Tom Targa starts with a race. To help him, the children must head to a digital racing track at the Motorsport stage and play a jump-and-run game where they have to collect all the objects that a successful racing driver needs – but avoid all the other unnecessary objects, such as smartphones or footballs. A good racing driver needs lightning-quick reactions. The kids can find out how fast their reactions are at the Race Team stage on a multifunction steering wheel with illuminated buttons. At the Speed stage, the next adventure is a racing speedometer game. With more than 30,000 victories, Porsche has been successful in many different motorsport series. At the Successes stage, the children have the opportunity to go round the Weissach test track as quickly and precisely as possible with the buzz wire game. For a car to go fast, it needs to have as little drag as possible. At the Racing Car stage, the kids can find out whether a Porsche 917 or a Porsche 959 Paris-Dakar creates more turbulence in the wind tunnel. The last stage gives an insight into the naming of Porsche vehicles and how model names such as Taycan or Cayman came about.


With a focus on materials of the future, Tina Turbo’s explorer tour teaches the kids what individual vehicle parts are made from at Porsche, with a search for items including fishing nets and quartz sand. The Think Tank stage features a picture of the development centre in Weissach, where there are lots of very well-hidden things to find, including Tina Turbo herself. The tour introduces children to the Weissach facility, what jobs people do there and how a Porsche is made. Another active experience on this tour is the updated Porsche crest, which is in pieces, awaiting skilled puzzlers to put it together. There’s a digital drawing at the Design stage, and the Lightweight Construction stage has a hands-on puzzle, which teaches the children how Porsche reduces the weight of its racing cars. With the Pioneering Spirit quiz, the children can delve into the early days of the sports car manufacturer.


After buying a ticket and choosing a tour, every child can buy a Porsche 4Kids discovery book in German and English, which will guide them through the museum. The book’s carry handle makes it easy for the children to carry it around. The kids then simply jot the correct answers in their books. They can also listen to tips from the Porsche 4Kids Multimedia Guide, in which Tom Targa and Tina Turbo tell many more exciting Porsche stories. Once they have completed all the tasks and solved all the puzzles, the discovery book has either a Porsche racing car or a trophy ready to cut out, colour in and put up as a souvenir at home. Children will receive the Porsche 4Kids activity book, which is normally available for 5 euros, free of charge during the summer vacations from July 27 to September 10.


Exciting summer holiday programme with hands-on activities and walking tours

For six and a half weeks, Porsche 4Kids promises lots of fun for children, with a varied summer holiday programme. From 27 July to 10 September 2023, children from the age of five can have fun in the Porsche Museum free of charge. Every day at 10:00 CET, Tom Targa takes the kids into the world of motorsport, where they can look inside a racing car and even try on a racing suit. At 15:00 CET, Tina Turbo takes them into the world of innovation, where they can handle different materials and hold a real Porsche crest in their hands. Interested parties can register up until the day before the tour via this link and come and learn more about Tom and Tina's world. Any remaining places will then be allocated at the ticket desk on the day of the tour. During the one-hour tour, parents have the opportunity to look at the current 75 Years of Porsche Sports Cars special exhibition.


Three days a week, between 13:00 CET. and 16:00 CET, there are special hands-on activities for kids: the Dr!ft Driving Challenge on Tuesdays, picture colouring on Wednesdays and a leather workshop on Thursdays. On the weekends of 29-30 July and 12-13 August, Tom Targa and Tina Turbo will also be visiting from 10:00 to 16:00 CET and will walk around the museum every hour on the hour. The Porsche 4Kids photo challenge with three creative photo tasks provides souvenir photos of the museum visit for the whole family. After so much action, it's worth taking a break in the Boxenstopp bistro, where girls and boys can get French fries and sundaes at a discount price during the summer programme. In addition, children receive the Porsche 4Kids activity book free of charge, which they need to playfully discover the activity stages in the permanent exhibition.


If you haven’t met Tom Targa and Tina Turbo yet, you can get to know them at before visiting the Porsche Museum. Children up to and including the age of 14 have free admission when accompanied by an adult.


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